Buried Surface Hoar layer in YNP near Cooke

From obs (2/4/22): "…the last 2 days was finding buried surface hoar in many locations, up to 10'000'..... And we also observed a fresh avalanche yesterday on the NW aspect of Meridian Peak.  I couldn't discern a crown, due to our vantage point and a low cloud, but the debris pile looked relatively deep, and 12-48 hours fresh. Also, we had one significant collapse today on a mid elevation east aspect.  A slope with just a touch of wind deposit. (first collapse I've had in months!) The snow that collapsed appeared to be about 30-40' wide.  And a hasty pit showed the layer of concern to be buried SH." Photo: B. Fredlund

Advisory Year
Cooke City, 2022-02-05